Folding Electric Shock-Absorbing Treadmill

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Want to get fit but are struggling to get out on your runs now the mornings and nights are turning colder and darker? This Folding Electric Shock-Absorbing Treadmill will keep you on track!

With an ultra-quiet motor and inbuilt shock reduction system, you can get fit from the comfort of your home this autumn winter with a treadmill that will support you without disturbing the rest of the household. What’s even better is that it’s lightweight and foldable making for easy storage when not in use! Track your progress too with the LED display that records your time, speed, distance, and calories, helping you to beat your personal best from one day to the next! 

  • Available in Grey and Black or Pink and Black.
  • Spacious, non-slip  running belt (40” x 16”) for a safe running experience.
  • Peak horsepower: 1.5HP 
  • Portable and perfect for at home or office use.

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