Anti-Anxiety Star Weighted Blanket

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Do you get restless when trying to sleep at night? This Anti-Anxiety Star Weighted Blanket will become your new best friend!

With its weighted 5 layer filling, this blanket will make you feel like you’re getting a comforting hug as you cocoon yourself in it nightly. It’s ideal for reducing anxiety, improves sleep quality, and aids relaxation by providing pressure across the body. The kitsch design will look awesome in your home and will have you seeing stars in no time as you drift off into your most restful sleep yet! We can’t promise you’ll want to get out of your warm bed on a morning though! 

  • Promotes stillness and restfulness. 
  • Features a breathable cotton cover, 5 layers of comfortable filling in stitched pockets ensuring even weight distribution. 
  • Available in sizes small or medium. 
  • Sizes: Small - 120 x 90 cm. Medium - 110 x 170 cm
  • Weights: Small 2.5kg. Medium 3.7kg

Estimated delivery: 7  working days