3-In-1 Push Scooter - 3 Colours

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Have a tot who's desperate for a scooter of their own to keep up with their older siblings but are too small to balance without assistance? They need this Push Kids Scooter! 

This 3-in-1 Yoleo will make the perfect gift for any small child as it grows alongside them. It has the ability to adapt from a supportive baby walker with adjustable seat and handlebar options, to a kick scooter that will teach them how to balance and steer, all the way up to a thrilling drift scooter for when they’ve mastered their scoot skills and want to zoom to their heart's content. Its 3 wheel, self-balancing design provides a safe, smooth ride too. 

  • Great for kids from 2 to 8-years-old. 
  • Easy to access rear brake brings the scooter to a secure, speedy stop. 
  • Adjusts with your child’s age and skill level. 
  • Available in Blue, Pink, or Green. 

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