Heated Clothes Airer with Cover Option

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Have stacks of washing to dry but the weather outside is awful? Worry not, this Heated Clothes Airer will lend a hand! 

If you struggle to get your clothing and towels dry indoors with limited space, this airer will become your new best friend! It boasts a huge 18 bars worth of drying space, and what’s even better is that the centre bars heat up too, meaning your washing will be dry in record time and ready for a fresh load! You can even add a cover to your airer for optimum performance. There’s nothing better than toasty warm towels on a cold day either is there? 

  • Please note that the centre bars are heated but the wings do not heat.
  • Plug in for energy saving, super fast drying. 
  • Optional additional airer cover. 
  • Perfect for drying clothes with minimal space. 

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